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streetlights in the rain

Name: Qimir
Zodiac: gemini
Gender: nb
Sexuality: ace lesbiann
Language: esp + eng
Nice things: women and dnd and women. bees


hello i'm qimir, i'm 19, and i never fucken learned how to code


i'm qimir n this is my art accounttt

some of the stuff that i like the most is my fandoms and my ships. i love doodling, animating, creating stories, and i am very, VERY passionate about ocs and original content in general.

i'm currently a student, and aspiring animation major. someday, i'd like to have a cartoon i could call my own, and/or create a long-term comic (which is actually in progress!). making a visual novel is something i'd love to create too!

i either ramble a lot or am very quiet and tend to go through periods of inactivity (i'm most active during breaks) and my activity is very very sudden , so i might disappear for a week/month and then post a lot for two days and similar stuff. sorry for the inconsistence rip

i'm always looking for ways to improve my art and become a better artist so i assure i'll do my best to realize my full potential as an illustrator /animator, even if it kills my wrist.

you can send an ask/pm for anything! like tagging stuff, asking for art advice, etc (this does come with boundaries though, so just be nice and i'll be nice too!).

thanks for reading!